• Anonymous

    Hey dude ....
    how are you!

    • Hello Dear, I am Maryanne how are you?
      after going through your profile.
      i will like to tell you something
      serious and important if you
      can send me message now
      Thanks and remain bless.
      Best Regard,Maryanne

  • Mazda was walking in the street were people
    TV remained
    Ask Viho:
    Anchorwoman: Your Henw P Omar bin
    Almstoul: Omar bin Khattab secret
    But Omar
    Deliberation de God knows
    Interviewer: please speak Kues
    Ok Tani Your question شنو in march
    Almstoul: God march Frqoha
    Balbmban people
    Tarh before aspiration Zato
    Announcer is not I talk about development
    Almstoul: Oioaaaaaaa mean the 6 bridges
    Workers omitted
    Folk and basophil de Development Henw íÇÎí
    If 20 kg of flesh remained my million
    Inti Lacey Btnoma diner and God Tlqak
    Risks with brothers
    Anchorwoman: Avvvvv Ok Henw possible
    Foreign investors to the country:
    Almstoul: God's people Alasekerta
    Dell Htafna
    Bjzbona Nhna Zacna acetic foreign
    Interviewer: Ok the most beautiful place in the
    Sudan and all youth
    Win Bhboho??
    Almstoul: the departure lounge people de
    All Love her

  • I'm from the homeland + dealers religion + Askar = corruption loss of displacement and homelessness

  • I do not know what feels while
    I know I need that I see ... Verwd my request
    Saying Ohrid not see you!!

    I do not know what feels while
    Ohrid tell me your vision ... Oojib not be invoked because

    In the first excuse Almzaaah
    In the second virginal to Aaqublh ((which is my bedroom and not my vision of him))

    Every Mavi it Sasber

    P Praise GS anyway :)

    • Hello sweatheart, nice meeting you, my name is blessing.l really love your profile and l've chosen you to be my friend. kindly write me through my e-mail address ( blessing_fred1@yahoo.com
      )for a private discussion.

  • Income in my life, "person"
    By accident. .
    Concerned. . And accepted it. .
    Ahbtaath more than self to the point of madness. .
    I do not find happy, but (with him)
    Paints me smile. .
    Smaller eyes of the world [if narrowed]
    In his absence. .
    Absent the reception. .
    Miss joy. .
    Lose hope. .
    Dispersed ideas. .
    I love to degree Alonanieah. .!

    Where are you now?? I lost my happiness. .